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The characteristics of the technology develops plastic is:
1. develops plastic mould, low cost: the size of the same specification products, plastic mould cost about rolling is blow molding, plastic injection mould cost 1/3 of the quarter;
2. and roll plastic products, plastic roll edge strength can realize products to the thickness of the edge more than 5 millimeter, completely solve the thinner edge hollow products;
3. and roll plastic for various inserts;
4. roll-plastic the shape of the products can be very complex, and more than 5 mm thickness;
5.roll-plastic can produce fully enclosed products;
6. and roll plastic products can fill foam material, realize heat preservation.
7. do not need to adjust the mould, plastic products roll of wall thickness can free adjustment (2 mm above).
8. products, but can adjust hollow seamless wall thickness, make the product with high strength.
Nine, can provide the many surface decorative pattern, the production of various kinds of color products processing, can make uv anti-aging treatment, as many stone, wood simulation results.
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